How to Fashionably Survive a Chicago Winter

How to Fashionably Survive a Chicago Winter


Are you ready for a Chicago winter ? I am and I say bring on the frost .  It is going to take a lot to stay warm over the next few months let alone looking good in the process. I have a few followers that are new to  Chicago and they asked me for a few tips to stay healthy and fly. Well,  here you go…..

5. Buy a medium length dress coat that will match the majority of your clothes. I own a bright orange dressy trench with a tripple lining that comes to my ankles. I can get away with it being that long because I still wear heels in the winter but please remember snow is usually three feet high in Chicago.  The bright color allows me to stand out and a solid color against any print ensemble looks amazing. Don’t be afraid to be bold and warm.

4. In case you haven’t noticed there is a “scarf revolution” taking place. YouTube tutorials and blogs are popping up everywhere to showcase easy ways to flaunt your fabric in style. It is cold in Chicago and you will need something to help warm the air when it becomes to cold to breathe easily.

3. These boots are made for strutting . It’s time to give up regular pumps in the winter because snow and bare skin aren’t the best of friends. To make it easier on yourself , your health and your ankles when they are challenged by devious blocks of ice… wear ankle or knee high boots. The support they will provide while walking on unstable surfaces is a life saver, they are warmer and allow you to merge the possible layers of clothes you may have on easily.

2. Ah the tedious joy of wearing a hat. As glam dolls we HATE to confine our hair but for the winter months it is best. Feel free to rock a Kango , military brim hat or even a playful knit hat with a ball. The trick is to purchase hats that bring out the bone structure of your face, cover your head proportionally and serve as a statement piece. Many bloggers feel that you shouldn’t do too much around your face if you have on a bright colored coat , makeup , a scarf and a hat but honey no one will see the true essence of your walk , shape or ensemble through a bulky winter coat. It is best to show off what you can when you’re so restricted due to the weather.

1. Hands-on-Fashion. That is what it is all about. Make sure that you take the time to get some form of gloves or mittens to prevent full loss of your hand’s functionality. In Chicago it is common for the temp. to drop below zero. You can have the most flawless mani in the world but it is not worth flaunting and ending up losing your writing hand. How would you sign for your shopping purchases?  I suggest simple and plain gloves in order to avoid taking them off so often. Many people forget to wash their gloves regularly. My granny used to spray mine with lysol every night and put them in the microwave for a few seconds in between weekly wahses. It’s super easy to just wash them in the sink every other day also and allow them to air dry.

This is all common sense but many people forget the fundamental items to take on the cold front. Remember to stay true to your style and not what others do traditionaly. Remember, fashion is about making a trend personal and being confident.


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